Posted: 08/13/2014 in Screwed

Have you ever been going happily along and suddenly, out of the blue, slapped in the face?  Unless you drive a pickup truck your first response to something like that is surprise.  You stop still, your eyes open wide, and you say “What the…?” or words to that effect.  Well, that’s how this article struck me.  Admittedly, if I’d been scanning that website I wouldn’t have been surprised, but given that I’d clicked over from a trusted source, I was just stunned.

“Aha!” I can just hear you say, “but weren’t you prepared for the shock by the quote on the so-called ‘trusted source’?”  The answer, surprisingly, is “no, I wasn’t”.  You see, I read that excerpt on Mock Paper Scissors and thought, “I have to read more of this — it’s an obvious satire.”  I just knew there was no way things had gotten so bad in the Village that someone would actually write down and sign their name to such incredible lunacy in this day and age.  Friends, relatives, loved ones, I was wrong.  In fact, they probably punched it up a bit for the audience.

In the article Sher Zieve (doesn’t that name just scream ‘Holocaust Denier’ to you?) writes all the things they only hint at on Fox News.  Imagine that.


Be seeing you.


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