Maybe he was goated into it?

Posted: 08/11/2014 in Screwed

Jerald L. Hill of Columbia, Missouri has a problem. Well, more than one, but this problem made national headlines.  He apparently finds women too difficult to woo.  So he looked around for an alternative, and since baby Jebus weeps if you touch yourself and like it, he went on the Internet and advertised on Craigslist for a willing non-human mate.  Specifically, he wanted either a dog or a…well, the article didn’t say what the other animal was.  But that was enough to get him arrested on suspicion of attempted unlawful sex with an animal and attempted animal abuse.

This is a historical first.  Someone finally posted something on Craigslist and got in trouble for it.  Maybe someday Craigslist will even find an ad too far out to print, but I wouldn’t hold my breath.  Freedom of the press and all that.

Another, animal, huh?  I’m guessing it was a goat.  After all, you know how baaaaaaad they can be.


Be seeing you.

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