Exit, Stage Right

Posted: 08/05/2014 in Screwed

You may have noticed that the eternal Republican screech of “Benghazi!” disappeared recently.  That’s because they knew in advance what was in the report their own House Intelligence Committee dumped released on Friday (the day you release news you want to be ignored because the weekend is at hand).

Republicans, for a couple of years now, have been claiming that the President (1) knew about the attack beforehand and (2) did nothing to prepare for it, (3) told American overseas personnel to ‘stand down’ and offer no assistance, (4) had ordered Embassy personnel to engage in illegal arms transfers, (5)  left personnel behind when we finally did move military into Benghazi to retrieve people, and (6) kept changing the story about who was involved in the attack and why it happened.  The official response from the Administration has always been to deny everything except (6), and said that their ‘talking points’ shifted in the days following the Benghazi attack because the information coming in from ‘intelligence assessments’ (CIA) kept changing.

This Republican Intelligence Report states that none of the accusations were in fact true, and, yeah, the whole shifting talking points thingy was in fact justified by the changing intelligence data.  So, how many points will this gain the GOP?  None.  Nada.  Not even one.   Big surprise.  But it sure gave them something to do for two years while they weren’t doing their actual jobs.

I wonder what the next big bruha over nothing will be?  After all, the President is still black, you know.


Be seeing you.

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