Truck gets revenge

Posted: 07/25/2014 in Screwed

Well, you finally did it.  You finally made the news.  Of course it took a little Dutch courage and resulted in you being under arrest and in the hospital, but at least people are paying attention to you for a change.  Well, some people.  For others, it’s just another one of those “Florida” stories.

You really should thank that woman, of course.  The one that dared stop at the red light in front of you.  You, naturally, felt insulted.  You, naturally, got out and banged on her window.  You, naturally, forgot to put your truck in park because you, naturally, were drunk as a skunk.

Unfortunately you don’t know who she is because she, naturally, sped off, leaving a clear path for your truck, naturally, to run over your natural ass.  The hospital said you fractured in your hand and foot.  The police said you’re charged with DUI and DUI property damage, although they were harder to understand, what with all the laughing and all.

Yep,  you finally did it, all right.  You made the big time, naturally.


Be seeing you.

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