Okay, but just 15 minutes more

Posted: 07/24/2014 in Screwed
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Just when you thought Cliven Bundy had eaten his 15 minutes of fame, the Southern Poverty Law Center added desert.  They’ve issued War in the West — a report on what we (should have) learned from the week we spent paying attention to that land stealing media hog.  Their basic conclusion was that, contrary to what people with only one working brain cell believed, the in-rush of armed crazies to the Bundy Ranch was not a result of a spontaneous outpouring of sympathy for poor, misunderstood Cliven Bundy.  Oh, no — it was a planned in-rush of right-winged nut-cases always ready to provoke an incident with government representatives.

According to the SPLC, there have been seventeen shooting incidents between American law enforcement officers and anti-government extremists since 2009. All incidents were planned to produce the most TV coverage and none of those crackpots were liberal.  This was just one more revolt staged for the camera.  And the same folks who provoked this camera-fest learned from it.  By forcing the BLM to back down, they learned how to get their way in the future.  Some of the Bundy-ites have already threatened law enforcement personnel.  Some have already killed law enforcement personnel.  Why not?  Apparently it’s the way to get what you want.

The nice folks at SPLC seem to think this is going to come as a surprise to someone.  I can’t image who — other than Bundy, of course.  The rest of us had already figured all this out.  Well, you had figured it out, hadn’t you?  If not, go read War in the West.  It’s only 27 pages and maybe you’ll learn something today.  Okay, I understand.  Get your kid to read it and explain it to you then.


Be seeing you.

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