Republicans reach out to women

Posted: 07/21/2014 in Screwed

Between the GOP’s outreach program to minorities and immigrants, you’d think they’d have learned something.  But you’d be wrong.  They’ve also decided to use their great intellect to reach out to women voters.  In that spirit, creationist Darek Isaacs said, “Well, if evolution is true… is rape wrong?”  Then Republican Maine state Representative Lawrence Lockman said “If a woman has (the right to an abortion), why shouldn’t a man be free to use his superior strength to force himself on a woman?”

Those wacky Republican men.  Always looking for a way to get to rape women.  Except, of course, for those crusin’ airport bathrooms for men.  No doubt it’s the only two ways they’d ever manage to have sex.

And even then, they’ll probably need that howitzer.


Be seeing you.

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