Ghosts with dirty linen

Posted: 07/14/2014 in Screwed

Yeah, you thought you were so cool.  Thanks to the software called “Tor”, you could ghost around the Internet, and no one, especially the government, could know where you really were.  Naturally, you weren’t going to use this for anything bad or illegal.  Not you.  Just a little porn without your wife catching onto your late-night computing.  And then, there’s the added benefit that no matter who (including the government) saw that “someone” was looking at that “special” site, there was no way to track it back to your computer.  Yep, you’re pretty clever.

Except–the NSA is onto you.  By simply watching the computers that let you download “Tor”, they can work up a list of everyone to whom they should pay special attention.  Instead of watching those “special” sites and backtracking, they’re just watching every computer that downs “Tor”.

Don’t fell so invisible now, do you Casper?


Be seeing you.

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