Add Grandpa Walnuts to the list

Posted: 07/11/2014 in Screwed

Remember Jim Bridenstine?  He’s the politician that thought he was above the rules that apply to “citizens”.  He wanted to “inspect” the illegal immigrant children being held in custody without having to go through the process of actually making an appointment.  In fact, he got rather red in the face when told that the rules applied to him. Him! How dare they?

Well, add John McCain to that list.  He discovered during a Senate hearing that, in some cases, a politician (a Senator, no less!) must follow the rules.  McCain didn’t just want to “inspect” the little children, he wanted to take home photographs of them.  For later, late night self-fondling, I suppose.  Anyway he was so flummoxed that he kept repeating, ‘Are you telling me that an elected Senator can’t take pictures of those children anytime they want to?’  And they kept telling him, “Yes, that’s right.”  ‘But I’m an elected Senator!’  “Those kids have rights too, Senator.”  [His confusion was increased by the fact that there were two people before the hearing, and McCain kept yelling at the wrong one.]

After turning all red in the face and looking like someone had stolen his secret decoder ring, McCain finally got it through his thick skull that, yes, some people other than John McCain have rights.  His response?  ‘I want it fixed, and I want it fixed immediately. Understand?’

Okee dokee, Gramps.  They’ll get right on that.  Meanwhile, there are some children walking across your lawn.  Shouldn’t you be yelling at them?  Don’t they understand that the lawn belongs to a United States Senator?


Be seeing you.

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