Let’s see, was that advice ‘cut your loses’ or was it ‘double down on every hand’?

Posted: 07/08/2014 in Screwed

Oklahoma Republicans don’t take losing lightly.  For example, Tim Murray, a very conservative candidate for state congressman, has decided that the 5% of the vote he garnered should be enough for him to challenge Rep. Frank Lucas’ 82% lead.  In case you’re thinking that Murray must have been home schooled in math, it’s not the percentages on which he’s basing his challenge.  It’s the “fact” that Frank Lucas died in 2011, executed by the World Court.  Since Lucas is dead, the man who won the election must be a fake.  He’s thinking “body double,” although I’m sure he’d accept “robot from the future.”

Tim Murray’s not taking this lightly at all.  In fact, he must be drowning his sorrows with some good ole home-brew.  How else could he be seeing double with no chips on the table?


Be seeing you.

  1. PiedType says:

    Proof yet again that I moved out of that state none too soon.

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