Christie blockage threatens future

Posted: 07/07/2014 in Screwed

Talk about clueless!  Having made it this far without landing in jail, Chris Christie is back on the road to the White House.  He hid out for awhile, now it’s business as usual for the oblivious tub of lard.  Except that the storm hasn’t passed.  This is just the eye of the hurricane.  What’s coming is going to take his roof off.

There’s now another bridge inquiry, one he didn’t see coming, and it has nothing to do with petty political payback.  The special prosecutor is looking into Christie’s very public “transfer” (ie, theft) of funds from the Lincoln Tunnel Bond issue to cover his shortfall in cash for the Polaski Skyway (a pet project).  This time he can be charged under the New York Martin Act, which doesn’t require proof of “intent” to commit a crime.  All you need is the crime.  Christie’s statement to the bond holders that the transfer of funds was to improve “access” to the Lincoln Tunnel is an obvious lie, since the Skyway doesn’t go anywhere near the Lincoln Tunnel.  And that lie (in writing) is what’ll hang him.

It always amazes me to watch politicians in free fall as they try to grab hold of something, anything, to stop their decent from the heights.  For Chris Christie, there’s nothing left but gravity.  And when you’re the size of Christie’s ego, gravity can be a rude awakening.

Christie may be clueless, but watching his career path is almost as much fun as watching that coyote try to catch the road runner.  And which is he?  I’ll give you a hint: Christie’s no road runner.


Be seeing you.

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