Killer robots

Posted: 06/30/2014 in Screwed

The future has arrived and while we may not have flying cars, we do at least have killer robots.  Of course, they’re not calling them that.  Instead, the powers that be call such units lethal autonomous weapons systems.  News readers call them drones.   And they’re already being used, although currently there’s a built-in safeguard that allows a human to “okay” the kill order.  (In case you forget, that was how we got Daraz Khan in 2002, and Bin Laden’s son in 2009.)  But with the advent of city police departments buying up excess drones to use as “eyes in the sky”, you do have to wonder how much longer that safeguard will stay in place, don’t you?

Apparently the U. N. is worried about it as well.  At least they held a debate on the subject just last month.  And if the UN is against killer robots, you know the Village must be in favor of it.  Gotta go build those killer robots while the free advertising is still in effect!

Be seeing you.


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