You mean there can be non-Christian temples too?

Posted: 06/27/2014 in Screwed

Hey, I hear ya.  I know exactly what you mean.  It wasn’t fair for Bertram Dahl to ask for permission to build a temple in Arkansas and not tell the local politicians that it would be a non-Christian temple.  I mean, he’s obviously being sneaky right from the get-go.  So after he started building it and the truth came out, well, they just shut down his construction site.  Can’t have a bunch of heathens (or as the press called them: “pagans”) acting like real people, now can we?

The local mayor put it pretty clearly when he said that “government has allowed non-believers far too many liberties taking God out of our daily lives.”  And by “non-believers” of course he meant non-Christian-believers.  That just goes without saying.  Dahl’s local alderman put it even better, though.  When asked by the press why all the hub-bub, bub, he replied, “That man’s God is not my God.”

Damn straight, Skippy.  Hey, I hear ya.  You can’t get any clearer than that.  BTW Alderman, you do belong to the right kind of Christian church, don’t cha?  ‘Cause I’d hate for word to get around that you’re one of them Catholics or sump’n.


Be seeing you.

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