DNA sucks

Posted: 06/26/2014 in Screwed

So, here’s the problem with DNA evidence.  DNA evidence is crap.  It sets hardened criminals free. For example, there’s Andre Davis.  A black man convicted of the rape/murder of a three-year-old white girl, he spent 32 years in prison.  Of course he was guilty.  He’s black — she’s white — what more do you need?  But some fancy-smancy lawyer brings up DNA evidence to show that he wasn’t guilty, so they just turned him loose.  This guy has spent almost 12 thousand days and nights locked up with people who will stab you with a sharpened toothbrush for your socks.  You don’t think that changes a man?  If he was an innocent babe going into prison, he surely was a hardened criminal coming out.  And he proved it, more or less.  Only 15 months after his release he got into an argument with a 19-year-old kid at a party.  The punk disrespected Davis, so he did what he’s spent 32 years learning to do.  In prison, if he’d let something like that slide, he’d be dead himself within a couple of days.  So what’s a brother gotta do?  He’s spent most of his life (at our expense, I might add) learning how to respond to things like this.  Of course he killed the idiot.

See what I mean?  DNA evidence is crap.  It doesn’t help anyone to expose the truth after the fact.  Besides — he might as well have stayed in prison.  It turns out that Andre Davis is a killer after all.   Well, after we trained him to be one, anyway.


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