Pastor diverted cops while volunteer molested young girl

Posted: 06/25/2014 in Screwed
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What’s that again?  You say Tennessee Baptist minister Mark McSwain, after passing on to local police reports from his female parishioners about unwanted sexual advances (and stalking) by a church volunteer named Chad Lutrell, allowed Lutrell to continue working alone with girls younger than 10 years of age?  And, what — you think that’s odd?  Don’t you know that being a sexual predator is a lifestyle choice and if you pray enough the sinner will become pure and holy?  Plus, you have to show trust in order to have a sinner live up to your expectations.  What is your problem?

What I don’t understand is, given the previous remarks, why the First Baptist Church of Bemis replaced McSwain as pastor.  You’d almost think they didn’t believe in the redemption offered by their own advertisement. That lack of faith is not going to look good in court.  It seems the lawsuits have started, and just defending them could eat into the church’s tax-free money pile.  Which they use only for good deeds, I’m sure.  You know, instead of paying for professionals to watch their children.

I still can’t believe that anyone would think this guy here might not be trustworthy.  He looks normal to me.  What about you?


Be seeing you.

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