That’ll teach him

Posted: 06/24/2014 in Screwed

There’s a 10-year-old boy in Louisiana that learned a valuable lesson about the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution.  He spent the weekend in the hospital having bullet fragments removed from his skull.  Why?  Because he wasn’t carrying a gun.  If he’d only realized how important it is that everybody be armed at all times, he could have been the hero of the hour.

Here’s what happened:  David Sean Jackson was driving his Acura down the highway, taking his two young sons and their mother somewhere (possibly to a hearing for carrying a firearm and possessing cocaine in violation of his parole), minding his own business, when he was viciously attacked via the process known as “being cut off” by a man in a Chevrolet pickup truck (who had his girlfriend’s son in the back seat).  These two grown men, having narrowly escaped death and mutilation during the “cut-off” procedure, decided that the best way to protect their families was to get into a rolling duel (ie, they took turns passing each other and cutting each other off) at highway speeds.

Tiring of this game, Jackson took out his gun and fired several rounds at the other car and immediately took an exit ramp.  Meanwhile, in the Chevy: not noticing that the child in the backseat had been struck in the head by the gunfire (at least, I certainly hope he hadn’t noticed that, given his next action), the man driving saw only that the Acura, and the man who was shooting at him, was getting away.  He cut the Chevy down the exit ramp and rammed the Acura — repeatedly, so that the cops could come and attest to who had won.  Eventually someone noticed the 10-year-old and took him to the hospital.

The final outcome of this wild west story is this: Jackson (who could have been a Second Amendment Hero if only he hadn’t been black) was arrested and charged with aggravated criminal damage to property, attempted second-degree murder, illegal possession of a firearm by a person convicted of certain felonies, illegal carrying of weapons, multiple traffic violations, and possession with the intent to distribute crack cocaine.  The Chevy guy?  So far he’s gone free.  The police say they may charge him with something at some point but they haven’t decided yet.  I guess they’re waiting to find out if he’s black as well.

No information on the color of the kid in the hospital.  They won’t know until they wipe all the blood off his face.  Oh, if only the kid had been smart enough to open carry while standing his ground.  He could have fired first, thus ending the conflict almost before it began.  What a hero he could have been.


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