Have I got a deal for you

Posted: 06/23/2014 in Screwed

There are people who believe the human race is doomed by their own social problems.  And as if the politicians and TV preachers aren’t doing enough, Shawn Ryan Thomas is certainly doing his part to prove that point.  [No, I don’t have to say “allegedly” — this is a blog, not a frickin’ newspaper.]

So, what’d Thomas do?  Well, the 29-year-old Florida man decided that the way to get some quick, easy cash was to make a combination child porn/snuff film.  Fortunately, the first family he targeted was smarter than he was.  Instead of going to the run-down property Thomas tried to lure them to, they called the police.  When Thomas was arrested, the cops found plastic sheeting on the floor of the house, and a tripod set up to hold a camera.  Thomas himself had a camera on him, along with a knife, and some “personal” lubricant.  Child pornography was found on his computer.  His plan was to get families containing children into the vacant home on the pretense of being an independent film producer.  Once there he would kill the adults, then film himself raping and killing the kids.  Thomas figured it was an easy way to make a fast thousand bucks.

Yes, there are people who believe that the human race is doomed.  And frankly, right now, I hope they’re right.

child abuse

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