Frackin’ at the jim-jam

Posted: 06/20/2014 in Screwed

Everything moves in cycles.  Life is a pendulum, swinging first to the right, then to the left.  It is the nature of pendulums to never stay long in the middle.

Because they’re running out of new places to drill for oil, natural gas has become the new darling of the energy set.  Unfortunately, all the “easy” natural gas was tapped out a long time ago.  A lot of natural gas pockets sat on top of the oil everyone wanted, so, in their haste to get to that sweet crude mother lode, they drilled into the gas pockets and burned the gas off right at the well.  However, now that they need it, they’ve discovered that, through the magic of “fracking”, more natural gas can be obtained. It’s just too bad for us that the side effects of fracking are earthquakes, fouled air, and polluted ground water.  But, after what seems like an eternity of Big Oil running roughshod over the rights of citizens to have clean water, air, and land, some people have started the long crawl back to sanity.

You might expect a liberal push-back to start in the northwestern portion of the country where crazy ideas sprout like dandelions, but you’d be wrong.  Surprisingly, it’s starting where oil production first appeared: the northeast.  And, instead of coming from the people whose lives and land have been ruined through the process of fracking, the fight has started with the folks whose property lays along the route of the pipelines needed to supply the end product.  They feel that the safety record of natural gas pipelines is suspect.  And this is just the beginning.  The pendulum has changed course, and it will pick up speed very soon.

So have heart. It turns out there’s hope for the future after all.  At least for a while.  But everything moves in cycles, so if you’re going to ride the pendulum, be prepared for a lot of swings in your mood.


Be seeing you.

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