Own up

Posted: 06/19/2014 in Screwed

Have you ever noticed how quickly a child learns that they are the center of the universe and that the only things that matter are the child and his or her possessions?  Isn’t it a shame that some people never grow out of that?  Although it happens to both sexes, it is predominately a man thing that, as an adult, he thinks everything either (a) belongs to him, or (b) it should.  It’s all about “me” or “mine” and you can pick up on it in any conversation.  Listen to how a guy talks about “my wife” or “my children” or “my dog” or “my car” or “my house” or…well, you get the picture.  A woman may speak of “our” family, house, etc., but to a man it’s always “mine”.  Which, when you think of it, explains why men often treat women, children, and dogs as if they were possessions to be taken care of (investments) or mistreated (it’s mine and I can do what I like with it!) depending on his mood.

This probably explains the failure of both Communism and polyamory.  A guy goes into it thinking he’s gaining access to someone else’s stuff, but then finds that he has to share his own.  And that never sits well with any man for long.

I suppose it’s a primal drive of some sort, but I still think it’s something that can be overcome — with a little luck and a 12-step program, maybe.  Or perhaps a lobotomy.  I’m pretty sure that something needs to be cut off.  The problem is finding a guy who’s willing to go under the knife.

Be seeing you.



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