Big Biz

Posted: 06/13/2014 in Screwed

If you’ve studied any history at all, you’re aware that business goes through cycles.  First a lot of people have a lot of good ideas, and they each present their ideas to the public, who buy some products and don’t buy others.   Naturally, some of these ideas are duplicated, either by people who had the same idea at the same time, or people who see someone else’s idea and think of a way to do it better or cheaper.  Over time only a few good products are left on the market, and the market gets saturated.  So, the only way for those businesses to grow is to buy each other up.  Sooner or later you wind up with a few monopolies that have priced themselves out of the market, and the government steps in to break them up and give the little guy a chance.  And the whole dance starts over again.

Which means, of course, that people are basically stupid and never learn from their past.  And that explains how we all wound up here in the Village.  Aren’t we special?

Be seeing you.


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