Another one bites the dust

Posted: 06/09/2014 in Screwed

Hey, I get it.  You’re happy.  For once, something’s gone your way.  Thanks to the long-term planning of the Republican Party in Michigan, a bunch of freeloaders are being kicked off the welfare/free-lunch bandwagon.  More or less.

Named after a self-educated freed slave, Catherine Ferguson Academy was founded in Detroit, Michigan in 1986 as a public school for pregnant girls and teen mothers.   It  received awards and was the subject of documentaries and media coverage due to its academic success. During 2010, its last full year of operation as a public school, it boasted a 97 percent attendance rate and a 90 percent high school graduation rate, with the vast majority of students going on to college.  Their motto was “Success by choice, not by chance.”  And then the GOP took control of Michigan and began their blitzkrieg campaign to rid the state of all minority controlled communities.  The process was a little-known rule allowing the state to set up an Emergency Manager (EM) to control, sell, or shut down communities in part or whole without and in spite of any democratic representation that called for other solutions.  In June of 2011, the EM planned to shut down CFA, but the combination of a sit-in and national publicity forced a “rethink”.  So the EM handed control of the school over to a private charter company.

However, that charter operator quit after spending all the grant money they were given because they couldn’t make enough profit.  So the Emergency Manager handed over the school to yet another private business, who has recommended the school be shut down due to lack of profit.  Because, after all, if we can’t make a profit off of educating our young, then why bother?  After a long and bloody fight, students have fled the Academy in such numbers that it looks like the GOP has won this one.  The school, which worked perfectly well as a public school until the GOP got its hands on it, will die.

So, hey, I get it.  You’re happy that somebody lost everything and for once it wasn’t you.  But tell me this: how, exactly, does destroying this one school, how does removing hope from a community, how does stomping on the dreams of young girls make you better off?



Yeah, that’s what I thought.  Be seeing you.

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