Not just another pretty face

Posted: 06/06/2014 in Screwed

I knew a Warrant Officer once upon a time.  Which is odd, since I was in the USAF, and they’d shut down their Warrant Officer program in the ’50s to let it die a natural death as each WO retired.   However, it was the sixties and there were still a few around.  I was stationed at a NATO base on the edge of the Black Sea, just west of Mother Russia.  The Warrant Officer in question had the unenviable job of running interference between the brass and the enlisted in our radar repair shop.  Not at all averse to kicking butt when necessary to get the job done, he also kept the brass off our backs when we were already doing everything we could.  He’d warn us of “surprise” inspections, and then go out and buy us drinks after we passed with flying colors.  He looked like a bulldog, and we were all a little afraid of his bite, but we respected his bark all the more for it.  He retired shortly after Nixon closed down the base and sent us home, and I always thought it was a great loss to the military.  The last thing he did for me was to make sure I was the first soldier sent home, since my wife had just given birth to our son.

Now I’ve discovered another crusty old sod that makes me misty-eyed for my youth, even if he is Navy.  He’s US Navy Chief Warrant Officer (ret) Jim Wright and he writes a blog called Stonekettle Station.  He’s surprisingly open-minded for an old salt, and he researches what he writes about.  Go over there and read what he’s written.  It’s way better than anything I could come up with concerning the military and its unhealthy bedding with politics.  Right now Wright’s weathering the storm created when he wrote a piece saying we should be cautious about jumping to conclusions concerning Bowe Bergdahl.  How dare he talk about waiting for the facts to come out!?!  Yeah, he’s one of those.


Be seeing you.


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