My turn, my turn!

Posted: 06/05/2014 in Screwed

Clubs can be fun.  But the thing about the United Nations, the thing is, well, I mean to say that the way it’s set up is kinda juvenile.  It reminds me of nothing other than the sort of club little boys like to form just so that they can keep someone else out.  There might have been some ideals inherent in the founding members, but if so, those quickly went by the wayside.  For example, there’s the whole thing about the titular leader.  The position of “President” is ceremonial only, and gets passed around like a hot potato with the previous office holders glad to be rid of it and the rest of the membership foaming at the mouth, demanding that it’s their turn next.

If the position is ceremonial, I can hear you ask, then why would anyone want the job?  Because the person in “charge” is the face of the organization.  How could anyone with an ego not want that job?  Which leads automatically to question two: then why be glad to get rid of it?  That’s even easier to answer.  Everybody wants the UN to do something, but nobody wants it to do whatever it currently is doing.  So nobody’s happy.  And who’s the face of the UN?  Ah, now you get it.

Lately the big furor is over the fact that this year it’s Africa’s turn, and Sam Kutesa of Uganda is the only person left in Africa willing to take it.  Unfortunately, the U. N. is supposed to be all about people getting along, and Uganda’s been in the news lately for passing that law.  You know which law.  The one that says homosexuals can be killed at the will of the state (eventually, the punishment was reduced to life imprisonment).  Oh, right, now you remember.  Well, as Uganda’s foreign minister, Kutesa was the face of that law — a position he handled with relish, given his personal prejudices.  The fact that Kutesa is also known as one of the most corrupt politicians in the world doesn’t help either, although admittedly, in the U. N. crowd, everybody else is a close second.

Clubs can be fun.  But eventually most people turn seven and move on to other things.  The U. N. will be 70 next year.  Maybe its time is past.


Be seeing you.


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