Where the wind comes sweepin’ down the plain

Posted: 05/21/2014 in Screwed

Yeah, I get it.  I was a single dad with a teenage boy.  I know what a handful kids can be.  But I was also raised by an insane father, so I know what child abuse looks like.  It looks like Oklahoma.

There’s all kinds of ways to teach the little bastards, and Oklahoma parents cover the gamut from A to B.  Parents can get awfully frustrated trying to figure out how to make the kids stop doing things that all kids do: lying and breaking the rules.  And when it’s just you and them, the choices can seem limited.

The sad thing is, in one way, abuse works.  You abuse the kid, you get what you want immediately.  Of course, in the long run, you might not like how the kid turns out, but you’re not concerned about the next decade or even the next year.  You’re talking about getting through the next few minutes, right? Life’s full of frustrations and the kid’s right there, so soft, so defenseless, so…handy.

Yeah, I get it.  The kid’s a handful, and you’re doing the best you can.  Which is really a shame, for so many reasons.  You know, people who work in hospitals have a name for kids that keep showing up in the ER with dislocations and broken bones.  They call ’em wallpaper.  Because that’s where their brains eventually end up.

I don’t know about you, but I’m gonna go throw up now.



Be seeing you.


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