Don’t know nuttin’ ’bout birthin’ no babies

Posted: 04/30/2014 in Screwed

Let me get this straight: you asked the question “How is becoming a Grandmother going to effect Hillary Clinton’s chances for a presidential run in 2016”?  Then you went on to argue that she was behind the planning of the birth.  As I understand it, either she planned it for now to get it out of the way (too much distraction if they had a baby while she was actively running her campaign), or she planned it for now so that during the campaign she could be seen in pictures with the baby and look all Grandmotherly.  You even argued that she was mad at her daughter for getting pregnant and reminding everyone of her age.  After all, no one any where near her age has ever run for president before…you know, except virtually every white male that’s come before.  And nearly all of them were grandfathers.  I say nearly all, but in fact, there aren’t records for most of them, since no one ever cared about that before!

It looks to me like you’ve covered pretty much every possible side of the argument.  I really only have one question: why isn’t any of this stuff ever brought up when a man runs for president?  I can’t wait for the answer to this one.



Be seeing you.


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