Let me tell you

Posted: 04/26/2014 in Screwed
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Let me tell you what I know about the knee-grows: all they want to do is lay around all day fishing and collecting a government check.  I know this because I once saw an old black man driving an ancient Cadillac down the road in the middle of the day.  The car was belching smoke and the tires were bald, but by gawd it was a Cadillac.  Hanging out of the car through the rear windows were 10-15 home made cane fishing poles.  Obviously he’d just dragged hissownself outta bed and was headed for the crik.  And there’s no way he cudda done that and hold down a job, so naturally he must be on welfare, amiright?

Of course, I’ve also seen Louie Armstrong, Maya Angelou, and Martin Luther King, so that’s a little confusing, but I figure that first impressions are the most important, don’t you?



Be seeing you.


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