Look at me

Posted: 03/12/2014 in Screwed

Having once been a teenager, and having raised a boy on my own through the teen years, I understand how important it is to a developing personality that other people notice and respect the budding egocentric nature of the nascent maturity.  But somehow I would like to think that people who have been through college long ago enough to be considered “grown up” would have passed that stage by now.  And yet, every time I see a politician on TV, I’m reminded of my teenaged son (who, since the universe has an evil sense of humor, now has a teenaged son of  his own) and his constant need for attention.  At that age, any kind of attention will do: good, bad, reward, or punishment.  Just, for gawd’s sake, look at me so that I’ll know I’m real.

I guess some people grow up and others get stuck at “that age”.  Hell, why else would I be publishing this blog?

Be seeing you.


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