Birth certificate

Posted: 03/05/2014 in Screwed

Let me get this straight: you think that sometime late in the year in 1960 [remember: at that time black folks still had to ride on the back of the bus, use the back door to those few businesses that would let them inside, use separate drinking fountains, bathrooms, and hotels], a young, liberal couple decided to make a mixed-breed baby that they knew would grow up and be president of the good ole US of A, so, just to be “in your face” about it, they left the country to have that baby and then came back later and forged all the paperwork to make it look like they hadn’t done that, even though it would have been easier to just have the baby in Hawaii where they lived.  Which didn’t actually matter anyway since if one parent is a citizen, the baby is a citizen no matter where the baby is born, which is why John McCain was able to run against this miracle baby even though McCain was born in Panama!


Yeah.  Right.  Be seeing you.


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