2nd amendment hero

Posted: 01/29/2014 in Screwed

I get it.  It’s not that you’re a kook, a nutcase, a blithering idiot that wouldn’t have a rational thought if they were free on Tuesday.  That’s not you.  You’re just scared. Okay, okay, how about, nervous, then?  You’re not afraid.  You’re not afraid of that the big, black, scary President is going to come into your home and show your woman what a real man is like.  Of course not.  That would be silly, childish, immature.  That’s not you.

You’re just concerned.  Concerned that if they make mental tests mandatory for gun ownership, you won’t pass.  Concerned that the tests will be rigged by the loopy, loony, laughable leftists that have somehow taken control of this country.  By making you seem to be the unbalanced one, they kill two birds with one stone: you don’t get your gun and everyone else thinks you’re crazy.  Crazy?  That’s not you.

The program to demonize true Americans is well underway.  Already a majority of the population equates gun ownership with concern over genitalia size.  As if!  That’s not you.  If your package swells a bit when you fondle your rifle, well, that’s just pride.  Pride of a product well made, pride of ownership, pride of marksmanship.  Any real man would swell a bit when feeling pride, wouldn’t he?  It’s those limp-wristed, light-loafered, lilly-livered life-style advocates that are pushing the idea that having a powerful, well-oiled, hard-as-nails machine throbbing in your hand, spitting out death like broken teeth at your command is somehow sexual.  But that’s not you.  A gun, to you, is neither a replacement nor an extension.  It’s just a tool.  Like the wheel, like fire, a weapon is a basic tool that has helped mankind rise from the slime and become lord and master of the entire planet.  We wouldn’t throw away the wheel, that’d be silly.  We won’t get rid of fire just because a few people die from it every year.  That’d be stupid.  And you’re not stupid enough to get rid of your weapon.  Why, without the wheel, fire, and weapons, man would be nothing, and you refuse to become nothing just to satisfy a few fraidy fairy cats who wouldn’t know what to do with a gun if it was shoved up their collective asses and the magazine was emptied.  Maybe that’s just what needs to happen to those walking assholes.  It’d make the world a better place.  And you just might do it if they don’t leave you alone.  They’re the stupid idiots, not you.

I get it.  I understand.  That’s not you.  Now wipe the drool off your chin.



Be seeing you.


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